There´s at least one place in the world for those who talk drawing and crafting.
That place is in a beautiful village surrounded by mountains and aims to be a meeting space and an inspiration source...




... Because it combines holidays in a beautiful place, the time you decide to work in the studio and open air and meeting others with similar interests... When you´re around other people making stuff you are surrounded by an inspiry atmosphere, learn new skills and create creative links.

San Colorea is a space for those who dreamt on taking part in an artists community while listening to stories about the avant-gard Paris or the Bauhaus... It is a meeting point and also a place for those collectives who don´t count on a space to share and work in their project all together ...

San Colorea is also a place for those who want to be inspired by the charm of the surroundings, be closer to nature and a bit further from the noise of the city for a while... It gives you the chance to enjoy the nature not only because of the surroundings but also by taking part in the vegetable garden of the house if you want to.

We thought that San Colorea was just a house, but later it showed us that it´s alive:

San Colorea wakes up happy everyday thanks to the residents´positive energy.

San Colorea feeds itself on the participation of people living in it.

San Colorea sleeps much better when you help us to be eco-friendly: reducing, reusing and recycling